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Bright, great room with balcony; central; easy-going comunity Studi-ID: 342

Gesucht: 1 Mitbewohner
Alter: Von 20 bis 29

Zimmergröße: ca. 18m²
44787 Bochum

260€ (Warmmiete)

Frei ab: 23.08.2012



Hello everybody, I am going to Spain for almost half a year and offer you my room during this time! It is completely furnished with a 2x1,2m bed, a large cupboard, desk, 2 racks… all in all enough to keep your stuff you need. I could also let you my TV, but lets talk about that lateron. The room is great, bright and has a balcony  The flat is well located! Only 5min walk tot he station „Rathaus“, just one station away from the main station (or 15 minutes walk) and 10 min from the university (RUB) with the U35. But the other lines (busses, trams etc.) are stopping there, too. The city centre is nearby as well (5-7min walk), and the night-life (Bermuda-Dreieck), too (10-12min by feet). We would really appreciate if you might join our friendly flat community and take part in cooking, watching movies, drinking a beer (or two), but also taking care oft he household and the tasks concerning it. You know what we mean.. ;) We are looking forward to get to know you!

Zimmer- und WG-Details
Einzugsdatum: 23.08.2012 Waschmaschine:
Möbliert: Größe: 18m²
Etage: 0 gesuchtes Alter: von 20 bis 29
Haustiere: Gartenmitbenutzung:
Nichtraucher: Internet: DSL 2000
WLAN: Telefon: ISDN
Geschirrspüler: Keller:

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